Hear what our partners have to say.

Read below what some of our leading global partners have to say about integrating with Wise Platform, and learn how they are benefiting from our payment network and solutions. 

Whether it is through our innovative Connected Payments API, Infrastructure partner solutions, or as an affiliate.

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United Kingdom | Neobank

Monzo Small

Monzo Bank.

This real challenger bank in the UK has been teaming up with Wise to offer its customers reliable, transparent and low-cost international transfer capabilities.

South Korea | Bank

Shinhan Bank

Shinhan Bank.

Annyeonghaseyo! South Korea's oldest and largest national bank Shinhan Bank integrates Wise Platform to bring cheaper, faster transfers to customers.

Singapore | Neobank


Aspire Bank.

Businesses using Singapore's Aspire are able to access Wise’s lightning-fast money transfers directly from their transaction account, without having to leave the Aspire app.

Canada | Bank


EQ Bank.

EQ Bank has international money transfers that is fast, easy to send, and up to 8× cheaper than with other banks, thanks to being powered by Wise Platform.

United States | Bank

Novo logo

Novo Bank.

With the Novo and Wise integration, we made international business banking pain-free for Novo customers and they can send money abroad in multiple currencies.

Estonia | Bank


LHV Bank.

Estonia's largest domestic bank LHV has joined the Wise revolution. The Partnership means the Wise experience is baked straight into the LHV's online banking and banking app.

Germany | Neobank



Thanks to Wise Platform, the customers of German Neobank N26 can choose from a vast selection of currencies and make international transfers against mid-market and transparent rates.

United States | Credit Union


Stanford Federal Credit Union.

Stanford FCU was one of the first U.S. financial institutions to partner with Wise, and they have already safely sent over 5 million funds transfers, adding China's yuan in late 2020 really drove an increase.

Switzerland | Neobank



For the first time, we’ve brought Wise for Banks, our bank-friendly API integration, to Switzerland, enabling financial institutions the ability to surface our best-in-class international transfers, Neon customers enjoy the convenience of not having to download a separate app to send money overseas.

United States | Neobank



Wise Platform has partnered with US neobank Sable, to give their customers faster, cheaper, international money payments, available directly in the Sable app. Sable's mission is to build an inclusive and effortless global financial platform for the 272M expats around the world.

Israel | Neobank



Over 1,000,000 of Max’s customers have access to cheaper, faster transfers abroad at their fingertips from the convenience of the Max app. The first of its kind in Israel.

United States | Expense Management



Emburse has integrated the Wise Platform API to make submitting, paying, and tracking international expenses easy, fast, and cost-effective. Say hello to Emburse Global Reimbursements powered by Wise.

Germany | Cloud banking platform

Mambu logo v2


By tapping into the Wise for Banks API, Mambu customers can access a trusted, out-of-the-box international payments solution.

Australia | Neobank

Up Logo


Get your money where it needs to be, hassle-free. Up has partnered with Wise to give you one of the fastest and cheapest ways to send money overseas.

New Zealand | Accounting Software



Xero offers its customers to pay multiple bills in a single transaction using their preferred bank account. Xero Pay with Wise simplifies batch payments and saves time – no need to pay each bill separately or export payment files.

Singapore | Trading Platform

Tiger Brokers

Tiger Brokers.

Retail investors in Singapore funding their investments in selected foreign currencies will be able to directly access Wise’s lightning-fast and low-cost international money transfers to deposit Singapore dollars into their Tiger Trade account.