What is Wise Platform?

Wise is a global technology company building the best way to move money around the world. Wise Platform is Wise - but for banks, large businesses and other major enterprises.

We allow our partners to embed the best way to send, receive and manage money internationally into their existing infrastructure, creating value for their business and customers. 

Over the past decade, Wise (formerly known as Transferwise) has built a global payments infrastructure that has revolutionised how money moves around the world. Now, thanks to Wise Platform, other companies can gain access to our industry-leading, reliable service seamlessly.

We save partners time and money by allowing them to deploy new products and services to customers seamlessly, helping them to speed up innovation and serve, retain, and grow their customer base.

"Wise Platform began with an influx of Hungarian customers. It turned out that a bank’s own staff were sending their customers to Wise because they were unhappy with the service they were offering. We thought there must be a better way. So, we built Wise Platform. A world-leading payments system, it takes everything we know about payments and packages it and plugs straight into banks and large enterprises’ infrastructure. Providing banks, fintechs and enterprises with the capabilities, technology and network to seamlessly move their customers’ money."

We’re only just getting started

We provide financial infrastructure for over 85 partners worldwide, including some of the world’s largest and most trusted banks, neobanks and fintechs such as Bank Mandiri, IndusInd, Monzo, N26, Google Pay, and Brex.

85+ partners

in 18 countries

across 6 continents


An embedded, scalable cross-border payments solution


Guaranteed FX

Mid-market exchange rate (no hidden fees) guaranteed for 48h+.



Plug in to access 160+ countries and 40+ currencies.



Clear and upfront fees, delivery estimates & real-time payment tracking.



62% of payments are instant - they arrive in under 20 seconds. 94% of payments take less than 24 hours.