Send via Wise.

The world's biggest instant payments network

Wise Platform partners and their users can take advantage of the Wise Network to power real-time payments globally and locally, in 40+ currencies. Send money - the Wise way.

Completely modular platform.

Send money for your users, your way. Wise Platform has multiple integration types available to suit your Send Money needs. Our team is here to help design and implement your solution. Get in touch with us to discuss your use case today.



The power of Wise, embedded into your platform. Plug-and-play remittance with self-service design for your users.


More revenue per user

Integrating Wise Send Money means you can start earning revenue when your users make transfers. 



Offer your users access to some of the cheapest cross-border payment fees available today.


61% Instant

61% percent of cross-border transactions made through the Wise payment infrastructure are instant and 94% of transactions arrive in less than a day.

Send money solutions for

Banks & Financial Services.

Offer cheaper, faster international payments.

Integrate with Wise to send money internationally or domestically and benefit from cheaper FX and payment costs, faster and more visible payments to more countries. Infrastructure and plug-and-play remittance models available. 

Send money solutions for

Platforms, Tech & Enterprise.

Purpose-built payment solutions
for your users.

Send cheaper, faster, more visible payments. Connect into Wise Platform to automate payments, embed business tools, manage your own or offer your users outgoing payments functionality, fully integrated into the Wise network. 

Powering banks, platforms and global business.