Wise Platform for
Global Businesses.

An embedded, scalable cross-border payments solution for your users

The power of Wise, delivered via your platform. Integrate and choose an industry-leading, API-first platform to power user payments with global coverage, instant transfer speeds, self-service design, smart tracking and automation tools and more.


available over the Wise network to make and receive payments, in 90 countries. Additional coverage via SWIFT to 170+ countries.


payments in 2022 to 80+ countries. Over two thirds of all payments via the Wise network arrive in less than 10 minutes.


of payments processed via Wise, using our status tracker and delivery estimator smart tools. 


API connected
payments partner.

The power of Wise, embedded in your platform

Connected partners can access full-service integrations for global transfers, with drop-in components to suit your needs. Over 30 components are available to build your perfect payments engine.

Affiliate payments partner.

Offer payments via Wise to your users, now

Refer customers to Wise and generate new revenue in a quick and free Affiliate partnership solution. Offer international transfers to your customers and leverage Wise to manage your customers and do the heavy lifting.

Affiliate Sample

Powering the world's leading platforms.