Power payment collection for your global business or customers.

Receive multiple currencies with minimal fees. After that, convert or move money into different currency accounts with ease. Offer multi-currency accounts to your customers out of your platform and power ecommerce, bill pay, expense management, travel and much more for your users.


Global collect.

Receive and grow international customer deposits with Global Collect

Wise onboards your customer in a country where you are not currently licensed and allows them to send money to a single recipient - you. By doing so, you can quickly and cost-effectively collect in local currency from customers who hold foreign currency balances.

International receive.

Receive funds from abroad without plugging into the SWIFT infrastructure

International receive enables your bank or company to receive money quickly, reliably, and cheaply from around the world. A simple configuration change into the SSI with a Wise BIC will do the trick, and allows you to receive funds from abroad like an international bank.


Multi-currency account.

Offer embedded multi-currency accounts in your platform for users

More than just a multi-currency account for your business, a Wise Platform integration allows you to offer embedded, grey or white label multi-currency accounts for your users, complete with local account detail generation in 10 countries. Power ecommerce, bill pay and much more for your users, your way. 

Powering Banks, Platforms and Global Business.