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Read below what some of our leading global partners have to say about integrating with Wise Platform, and learn how they are benefiting from our fast, proven, global payments infrastructure. 

Whether it is through our innovative Connected Payments API, Infrastructure partner solutions, or as an Affiliate.



Wise Platform Deel case study imageWise Platform and Deel

In 2019, the team at Deel, the all-in-one HR platform for global teams, found themselves experiencing exponential growth, and with it, came rapidly growing demand from customers with global operations for fast, convenient and low cost international payments options. 

Deel needed to find a way of simplifying cross-border payroll and payments to enable customers to pay teams across borders quickly, reliably and in the currencies that best suited their employees and contractors.

That’s where Wise Platform comes in. In 2019, Deel partnered with Wise Platform, with the API integration taking just a few weeks to complete.

Fast forward 4 years, Deel now makes payments to around 15,000 customers in over 35 currencies and 80+ countries using Wise’s global payments connections and rails, embedded directly within Deel’s platform. The partnership means that the worldwide workforce can now get paid efficiently, on-time, and in the currency that works best for them.

In our new case study, you can learn how Wise Platform and Deel are building the future of global HR and payments together.


Wise Platform & Globalization Partners case studyWise Platform and G-P

Paying contractor invoices is usually a time-consuming task, prone to delay, errors and hidden costs - especially when it comes to international payments. 

But as remote working enables freelancers and contractors to work from anywhere, it’s critical that companies are able to provide payment reliably and in the currency and method of the worker’s choosing - or risk talent taking their services elsewhere.

That’s why Globalization Partners (G-P), the leading global employment platform, has partnered with Wise Platform, with a mission of bringing transparency and flexibility to the global workforce.

In this case study, you can learn how the integration embeds the power of Wise directly into the G-P Meridian Contractor platform via API and offers contractors better, faster, and more transparent ways to get paid when and how it suits them, in more than 50 currencies.

Read the case study >


Wise Platfrom neon case study Wise Platform and neon

Swiss consumers have had few choices when it comes to sending money abroad, despite many working or living abroad or with family members overseas. 

A lack of competition among traditional lenders meant expensive, slow transfers and hidden fees when sending payments across borders. 

That was until neon, the neobank on a mission to build the most affordable and easy-to-use account in Switzerland, joined forces with Wise Platform and showcased the power of partnerships to shake up cross-border payments.  

Since launching in 2020, our partnership has enabled more than 20,000 neon customers to access Wise’s fast, low cost and transparent international payments in more than 40 currencies around the globe, right from within the neon app. It’s money, the modern way.

Learn more about how neon and Wise Platform have leveraged the power of partnerships to shake up cross-border payments. 

Read the case study > 

UK | Bank


Our new partnership with Allica Bank to provide UK businesses with a transparent and low-cost way to send money internationally.

Japan | Bank


GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd. becomes the first bank partner in Japan with Wise Platform, bringing fast, low-cost international payments to more than 80,000 corporate customers

Germany | Neobank


Thanks to Wise Platform, the customers of German Neobank N26 can choose from a vast selection of currencies and make international transfers against mid-market and transparent rates.

India | Bank


Our first Wise Platform bank integration in India.  Powered by Wise Platform's easy-to-use APIs, IndusInd Bank NRI customers can seamlessly send money from USD and SGD, to their recipients in India with no exchange rate markups or hidden fees.

South Korea | National bank

Shinhan Bank

Annyeonghaseyo! South Korea's oldest and largest national bank Shinhan Bank integrates Wise Platform to bring cheaper, faster transfers to customers.

Israel | Neobank


Over 1,000,000 of Max’s customers have access to cheaper, faster transfers abroad at their fingertips from the convenience of the Max app. The first of its kind in Israel.

United States | Expense Management


Emburse has integrated the Wise Platform API to make submitting, paying, and tracking international expenses easy, fast, and cost-effective. Say hello to Emburse Global Reimbursements powered by Wise.

Singapore | Trading Platform

Tiger Brokers

Retail investors in Singapore funding their investments in selected foreign currencies will be able to directly access Wise’s lightning-fast and low-cost international money transfers to deposit Singapore dollars into their Tiger Trade account.

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